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Have IT Your Way.

While I’m not a personal fan of Burger King, they have one thing right with their slogan:  “Have it Your Way”.

The consumerization of IT is more than complete.  And those companies that have already embraced it as such need infrastructure options that allow them to serve their customers needs appropriately.


2014 is the year of… Platforms.  Specifically, choice in diverse platforms.  No matter what way you want to build your application, there’s a platform that will allow you to do it.

Today at VMware Partner Exchange Conference (@VMwarePEX), a combined effort between unexpected fellows was announced:  The Super VDI 200 is a Converged Architecture co-developed by LSI, SuperMicro, Mellanox, and EMC’s ScaleIO Software Defined Storage platform.  Check out the early press peek here.  Clearly it’s marketed for VDI / EUC – the TCO darling of the performance and scale world – but it could be used for any number of similar reference architectures.  Dev / Test platforms, render farms, OpenStack, and a number of others instantly come to mind.

Each Super VDI 200 comprised of the following (Although, it’s all configurable if you want):

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680
  • 384GB Memory
  • (2) 3.2TB LSI PCI-E Flash
  • (7) SAS HDD and (1) Intel 3700 100GB SSD
  • Intel Dual Port SFP+ 10GB & Intel Dual Port 1GB Ethernet
  • Dual Mellanox 40GB
  • IPMI
  • Redundant Platinum Level Power

Here’s a video that gives a bit more insight into the architecture and how it all pulls together as one combined architecture to meet your needs.

And, if you want to get a bit more in the weeds, head over to VMware for a bit more heavy reading:

Reference Architectures (Think outside the Horizon View box!)
Reference Architecture White Paper (SuperMicro + LSI Warp Drive + ScaleIO + Mellanox)
Solutions Brief (with Specific Performance Test Results)

Also, a big thanks to Dave Nicholson who was an integral part of teaching this to the EMCElect as well as working on the Converged Architecture.  He’s the most intriguing man in SDS!