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I’m EMC Elect 2015, and I’m not worthy.

I’m part of the EMC Elect for 2015, and I’m not worthy.  I’m extremely honored.  I’m very thankful. I’m surrounded by Partners, Customers, Independents, and EMCers who leave me in awe on a daily basis.  I feel like I owe my presence with them a huge debt, and I’m very driven to prove those who chose me right – by doing something with it again in 2015!

EMC Elect 2015

I’m inspired by Tomonori Ishitsuka, a partner out of Japan and the reach he’s had in his community.  OK, I admit it’s also partially because I took Japanese language courses in college and I’m excited to practice my horrible skills with him in 140 characters or less.

I’m amazed by Varrow, who got *5* people onto EMC Elect as a Partner.  Their focus on and engagement with community is apparent given their expansive presence on the varying groups such as EMC Elect, Cisco Champions, vExperts, and Pernix Pros (to name a few).


I’m humbled by EMC Peers like Matt Cowger, Rick Scherer, Jase McCarty, and Fred Nix who are amazing monks and warriors, and frankly gave me my jump-start in the community to help get me where I am today.

And I’m energized by my fellow Texans Tommy Trogden, Eric Hagstrom, Damian Karlson, and James Bowling – whose proximity to my non-virtual community makes me wonder on a daily basis if I’m going to be found not worthy.  But, that’s OK because it gives me the drive that I need to do more – which is what I appreciate about all of my peers.

I’m proud to be called EMC Elect for the 3rd year in a row. I’m thankful to be part of this community. And I’ll ensure I do everything I can to engage in our community and give back.  It’s already the end of February, so I better get to work!