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  1. Alex

    Hello! I stumbled upon your blog today and have enjoyed reading about your presales life at EMC. I have been seeking a career path in EMC presales myself and have found your blog very useful in that regard. I have been in contact with the EMC DPAD manager in the Saint Louis area and will be meeting with an EMC SE sometime this week for an impromptu interview for a presales position that deals with the data protection portfolio. Would you have any advice on how to approach this interview process and what I should study up on to make a great impression? Thanks for your time. Keep up the good work on the blog!

    1. Brian Post author

      Alex, thanks for reaching out. Not sure if you’ve already had your meeting, but hopefully this finds you well regardless.

      First, I want to implore you to be your true self. EMC is looking for nothing more than the best employees who bring their unique talents to the table. Be prepared – not with technical bits, but rather with passion and enthusiasm. Be clear on what you want, and find out what they’re looking for – hopefully they match. 🙂 Practice your whiteboarding skills, of course, but it doesn’t matter specifically what you whiteboard per-se. Practice your presentation skills – there’s nothing more difficult than presenting to your peers. And finally, practice listening while asking thoughtful open-ended questions. Remember, 2 ears, one mouth. Best of luck – don’t hesitate to reach out again, although twitter may be a better source for a faster response!


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