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You’re so EMC Elect 2014 and you don’t even know it

That’s right.  YOU are EMC Elect 2014.  You’re so EMC Elect 2014 and you don’t even know it.  Read my entire blog post if you want to learn more.  You can also watch the Live EMC Elect Google+ Hangout on 11/6/2013.  Or jump right on over to the EMC Elect 2014 nomination form and nominate yourself or nominate your peers / friends!  Don’t delay though, nominations are only open until Nov 15, 2013.

What is EMC Elect?
EMC Elect is an annual recognition for people who have given back to the community of EMC users by sharing their technical expertise and evangelizing to others about EMC solutions and services.

In most regards, it’s a very similar program to the vExpert and Cisco Data Center Champions if you’re familiar with either of them already.  EMC Elect was initially introduced on Nov. 15, 2012 in this blog post by Matthew Brender of EMC.

Why do I want to be EMC Elect?
You want to be EMC Elect because you’re passionate.  Passionate about technology, and willing to share it with the world.  You’re probably already super spirited and animated (on the inside, not just the outside – we don’t all have to be extroverts, right Tommy?).  You get stoked when you learn about something new and want to dig all the way into it – then you shout it at the rooftops for others to hear.  Becoming EMC Elect, in that sense, is simply a validation of what you already are, and an avenue to leverage in order to further your quest.

Don’t forget it’s also fun.  Having exclusive and early access to product managers, product information, other members of the community, etc.  There’s also opportunity to participate as EMC Elect Social Champions at specific events like:
VMWorld 2013 US
EMC Speed2Lead MegaLaunch
Oracle Open World 2013
VMWorld 2013 Barcelona
and I’m sure many more that I missed…

Maybe I’m not EMC Elect, but I think “Insert your storage hero here” is… How do I know?
Think about that person you reach out to in your social circles when you want to know more about product, product roadmaps, strategy, and every other thing EMC than you ever wanted to know?  Think of them.  What is it that they do that makes you gravitate to them for information and answers?  That’s the EMC Elect oozing out of their pores.  But don’t just look away – look inside.  Are you that same person to others?  Now you know.

Ok, I’m all curious now, tell me more:
First, read the Charter.
Next, read the FAQ.
Lots of fun over at the EMC Elect Blog.
A post on Getting Prepared for EMC Elect 2014.
The call for Nominations for EMC Elect 2014.
I said it before and I’ll say it again.  Nominate yourself, and others, now before it’s too late.

No need to trust only me, ask some of my peers:
Matthew Brender
Hrvoje Crvelin
Rob Koper
Nick Fritsch
Roy Mikes
I’m sure there’s more.  if I missed you, PLEASE let me know.

Finally, to the thing in your brain that tells you that nominating yourself is somehow suspect or unjust, you’re wrong.  Stop that, and Nominate yourself for EMC Elect 2014.   For every person who has to think twice about nominating themselves, there’s 10 other people who assume that “oh, they’ve probably already been nominated already” and don’t do it.  Don’t take that chance and miss out.