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Becoming a Next Generation SE, Part 3 – Listen, Read, and Learn.

What should you do if you want to broaden your skill set and be well versed in new technology?  It’s quite simple: learn from as many sources as you can.  Crack a book and read.  Subscribe to blogs (even if you just have to get them sent to your email).  Get some podcasts into your handheld supercomputer and listen to them.  Watch some videos – get your demo on!  As obvious as it seems on the surface, finding the right forums for this information isn’t always as apparent as you’d hope.  I’ve found that using a consensus of multiple credible sources recommending the same thing makes me more likely to consume that option.  A bit of Little Data for my education, if you will.

As i travel along my journey, I’ve been compiling the suggestions, opinions, and thoughts of numerous peers, speakers, and experts in the social sphere.  I’ve been keeping a comprehensive (and growing!) list of Books, Blogs, and Podcasts that can be used to exercise the old gray matter.




At the end of the day all of these links are simply guidelines to simply get you started and get the learning juices flowing – the point is really to help remind you of some great ways to get your learn on.  I would love to get your feedback on additional relevant podcasts, books, blogs, or other that you’ve found are equally as compelling.  I’ll add them in this post, or a follow-on post.

Other Books: (These are more for sharpening your SE PreSales Acumen, or otherwise related)