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Have IT Your Way.

While I’m not a personal fan of Burger King, they have one thing right with their slogan:  “Have it Your Way”.

The consumerization of IT is more than complete.  And those companies that have already embraced it as such need infrastructure options that allow them to serve their customers needs appropriately.


2014 is the year of… Platforms.  Specifically, choice in diverse platforms.  No matter what way you want to build your application, there’s a platform that will allow you to do it.

Today at VMware Partner Exchange Conference (@VMwarePEX), a combined effort between unexpected fellows was announced:  The Super VDI 200 is a Converged Architecture co-developed by LSI, SuperMicro, Mellanox, and EMC’s ScaleIO Software Defined Storage platform.  Check out the early press peek here.  Clearly it’s marketed for VDI / EUC – the TCO darling of the performance and scale world – but it could be used for any number of similar reference architectures.  Dev / Test platforms, render farms, OpenStack, and a number of others instantly come to mind.

Each Super VDI 200 comprised of the following (Although, it’s all configurable if you want):

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680
  • 384GB Memory
  • (2) 3.2TB LSI PCI-E Flash
  • (7) SAS HDD and (1) Intel 3700 100GB SSD
  • Intel Dual Port SFP+ 10GB & Intel Dual Port 1GB Ethernet
  • Dual Mellanox 40GB
  • IPMI
  • Redundant Platinum Level Power

Here’s a video that gives a bit more insight into the architecture and how it all pulls together as one combined architecture to meet your needs.

And, if you want to get a bit more in the weeds, head over to VMware for a bit more heavy reading:

Reference Architectures (Think outside the Horizon View box!)
Reference Architecture White Paper (SuperMicro + LSI Warp Drive + ScaleIO + Mellanox)
Solutions Brief (with Specific Performance Test Results)

Also, a big thanks to Dave Nicholson who was an integral part of teaching this to the EMCElect as well as working on the Converged Architecture.  He’s the most intriguing man in SDS!



VMworld 2013 – What to eat and where?

You’re in San Francisco, so NOW WHAT?  There are a million different ways to experience VMworld 2013.  You can maximize your inner nerd and fill your days with content, labs, tests, booths, and lectures – Oh my!  You can visit booths, gathering strategic intel on new products and taking their amazing schwag (I always pack a bag for this reason.  You can spend countless hours on the work you were supposed to leave at home, I guess, as well… 

Personally, I prefer to take a blended approach, but I tend to focus most of my additional energy consuming chasing down that elusive awesome out-of-town meal.  I’m not talking the free food during the hall crawls, the appetizers at the vendor “soirées”.  I’m talking downright belly filling awesome food to keep that fire going 24-7.  So, let’s eat!

You’re going to need some tools.  Social tools.  If you don’t like, use, or trust them… cool, but you better find a friend who does. 😉

Foursquare – (Apple, Android) – Location, Tips, Pictures, Popularity.  My favorite location-based app.  Check in at the location you’re at and get coupons, tips, etc regarding the spot.  I use the website and the app to research things around me or where I’m going to find rockstar spots!
Yelp – (Apple, Android) – Reviews, Pictures, Tips, Location, Popularity.  Primarily a review site, also has tips and location-based check-ins.
Foodspotting – (Apple, Android) – Pictures.  A great tool to look at pictures of food to inspire you in the area.  Drill down to a location, to an area, and I’m sure a few hundred other options.  Slide through pictures until you find something yummy and inspiring!  (integrates with Foursquare)
Instagram – (Apple, Android) – Pictures.  Another great tool for pictures, but a bit more.  Use this tool to follow the top 5 food bloggers in the area you’re going to and get some inspiration.  Once you find a spot, it ties to Foursquare, and lets you see every picture from that spot.  One of my favorite ways to eat.  (integrates with Foursquare)

You’re also going to want to use some websites:

Eater San Francisco – Eater.Com is a great site dedicated to finding what’s good, what’s hot, what’s coming, and stack-ranking them in different ways.  Hot Right Now, for example.  My favorite tool is the Eater 38 for each location.  the top 38 restaurants (in their opinion) – I use these on my “must see” list, and then buffer around it with the hot right now, and other top spots based on my personal preference.
San Francisco Gate – In Dallas, the local ‘rag that reviews restaurants, etc from a newspaper perspective is the Dallas Observer.  From a San Fran perspective, San Francisco Gate is the closest to this same feel.  Great information can be found for what to eat when you’re in X district of a big town.
Local Eats – (Apple, Android) – The app costs money, the site is free…  This is touted as a site that lists “where the locals eat”.  Not sure how they get their data, but it hasn’t fed me wrong YET.  Great lists for TOP X Food, but also Top 100, and top by neighborhood, etc.  Another great way to filter results.  Often I’ll find a location here, and check the current reviews on Yelp and Foursquare to solidify if it’s STILL good.
Zagat – (Apple, Android) – I didn’t list this above because I believe there’s a fee.  to me, the die-hard foodie, it’s worth it.  Some may not think so.  A score of 20 and above, you’ll be pleased.  24 and above, you’ll probably pay for it – but it will be mouth-watering good.
Google *duh* – Google has TONS of information in it.  For a quick cursory review, I tend to find a place I like and Google search it.  The location info will have reviews, pictures, AND a quick Zagat rating on it.  Great on your mobile device, on the go.

There are also alternatives around Facebook, Gowalla, and I’m sure a billion others – but I haven’t found them as useful, so they’re not getting mindshare here.

Do you have other methods you like to use to find the best place to eat as you travel around the county, please – let me know.   I’m always needing new tools to help find that next great meal.